Koratala Siva Team Upset With Chiru's Advice?

Koratala Siva Team Upset With Chiru's Advice?

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Every star director usually manages to have nearly half a dozen assistants these days with the hierarchy ranging from Associate directors to assistant directors. And appointing these assistants is actually a hefty task if you know the ins and outs of it.

lets take the case of star director Koratala Siva who has almost eight assistant directors working for him now. Among them, while four are hand-picked by Koratala basing on their talents, the other four will be recommendations from producer, friends or family. But then, he is said to have got four more aboard for his new movie with Megastar Chiranjeevi.

Reports are coming that Chiru recommended names of four youngsters to assist Koratala and he can't say no for him. While they are not a burden to him, the present set of eight assistants are upset that the addition of another four will only sabotage one's learning process. Because there will be too many people for a single piece of work now.

Anyway, there are always chances that some assistants usually go into oblivion after a schedule or two, so the process goes on like this.

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