Manchu Vishnu shares Voter secrets

Manchu Vishnu who is known for starring in different genre films is now coming to entertain with his upcoming bilingual flick Voter. Vishnu is romancing Surabhi of Express Raja and Gentleman fame in the film directed by G.Kartik Reddy.

Speaking to scribes Vishnu shared the secrets of Voter. On the first look posters showing many politicians like PM Modi and Vajpayee going viral, Vishnu said “It’s a straightforward movie, we’re naming a few real-time politicians in it, and are prepared,”

About the controversy surrounding the posters, he said “We had expected this response (to the posters) in both the states mainly because I know that with the current political scenario being what it is, none of my contemporaries would pick a subject at the moment, where they can point out what’s ailing the states’ politics and call out real-life politicians to take action,”

He added “In the last five years, I have done only action comedies, and successful ones. I started thinking I don’t want to be stuck in a loop. I mean action comedy I can do even when I am 70. At the moment, I wanted my career to be a curve that people talk about — my movies should be those that people should want to see again, remember me for,”

About the political entertainer, he says “Not that, but in the film, there is one line, that loosely translates to ‘A leader who works towards the welfare of the people is equal to God’, in English. Today, this is a lost concept. Is there anyone who thinks like that? Let’s say, 75 per cent of both, the people and the politicians are lost to that concept. Why should the people always have to take a step back and accommodate everything from corruption to lethargy in politics? Why do we suck up to the politicians? Why don’t they have to run after us instead? These are some of the questions that I keep asking myself even otherwise.”

Continuing further he added “And all of a sudden, especially in Tamil Nadu, the prevailing political situation has turned to be right up the alley for my movie. And I also know that as the trailers keep coming, many people are going to rip me apart. I have spoken without a mask, and have taken names. But while I know I can handle things here in the Telugu-speaking states, I am keen I make the right impact in Tamil Nadu, for this film is my baby — I want to see how the people of TN react to this movie.”

About the current political system he added “In one word, accountability,” comes the succinct reply. “If I have a personal problem, whom do I go and ask? If the corporator wins an election, he takes out a rally — why? If I need to meet an MLA, I need to like, take permission for a ‘darshan’ — why can’t I just knock on his office door and walk in? Why should only the privileged be allowed to meet him when it is the aam janta that votes for him?”

On the film's posters, he shared  “The PM on our poster was to give the movie a national touch. Plus, he’s our most impactful PM so far, and is very much a part of the system that we’re dealing with in the movie. And we wanted to honour Vajpayee, for, there’s no denying the fact that he is a great leader. And, what did you say? Me? A politician? I have enough politicians in my family. My dad is one, my uncle is the CM, my brother is in the opposition party, my friend is in the ruling party in Telangana, and I also have friends in the ruling party in Tamil Nadu. So, I don’t need to be a politician. I am happy being an actor and influencing people as an actor,”

He goes on to add “I am not targeting a particular party,” he quickly interrupts, “My movie is targeting the democratic system as it exists in our country now, in its entirety. What is the change that is the need of the hour? One cannot keep blaming the politicians all the time, you know. What are we, the people doing? And no, I am not taking any sides here,”

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