Must Read: Superb Theory On Casting Couch!

Pavitra Lokesh who is in the Film Industry for so long reacted on the Casting Couch issue. When asked if she ever faced such a situation in her career, The Actress said: 'It's a sensitive issue. When Man and Woman are involved, There will be liking and disliking. Only a Man & Man or Woman & Woman can be rivals. Be it any Industry, People take advantage of their Opposite Sex...whether it's male taking advance of female or vice versa. If I give-in, That's my problem. If I say no, then that person can't take advantage of Me. Priorities matters the most€What am I doing it for? Is it for a purpose or fun? If I am getting something in return, Then I am also taking advantage of it. If I don't, I can do something else in this Universe to earn what I want'.

Pavitra Lokesh opined people chose wrong paths to earn money when their targets are beyond their reach. 'It's up to the individual to decide whether to accept the indecent proposal or not. If I give-in, Then I can't complain about it. If I am forced, Then it comes under abuse. Actresses who complain about casting couch aren't small children & they can't project it as rape. How could you say someone has exploited after you had accepted the proposal? You can't complain that the promise made to you wasn't honoured. You can always so 'NO' to avoid playing such games. If I am not acting, I could do something else...even cleaning vessels in somebody's house,' she said.

The Senior Actress feels using the word 'Casting Couch' itself is wrong. She feels women has to be sensible while handling such things and the whole Industry can't be blamed just because of few individuals. 'Sexual Abuse on minors is condemnable. Even the Delhi Gangrape as that girl doesn't have any option. Whereas, All the Girls who enter the Industry are majors, well-educated and well read. They needn't have to depend on the Industry for money. I respect them but when it comes to Casting Couch, I don't understand why they are letting such things happen. Only if you give-in, They use you. Otherwise, Nobody can use you,' asserts Pavitra.

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