Naga Babu-Balayya Issue: How PK Responded?

Naga Babu-Balayya Issue: How PK Responded?

Balakrishna,Naga Babu,Pawan kalyan

Naga Babu continues to take jibes at Balakrishna highlighting the comments made by him on Mega Brothers, Amitabh Bachchan and Women. What's the reaction of Pawan Kalyan on the war declared by his Elder Brother on Nata Simha?

A sources close to Jana Sena revealed, Pawan Kalyan hasn't taken the issue between Naga Babu and Balakrishna seriously at all. He had an impression that both of them are highly emotional persons and that is why such a controversy has surfaced. Pawan suggested Jana Sena Leaders and Cadre to focus on 2019 Elections rather than on anything else.

Naga Babu has already declared he would end his jibes at Balayya after responding on the sixth comment. Will the Hindupur MLA take it forward from where Mega Brother has ended?

Pawan Kalyan returned to Vijayawada after the tour of Europe during the Christmas Celebrations. He has been preparing the party leaders and workers for the crucial Assembly and Parliament Elections.
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