Namrata Befitting Reply To No Make Up Jibe

Namrata Befitting Reply To No Make Up Jibe

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Namrata kept celebrating the release of her hubby Mahesh Babu's landmark flick 'Maharshi' with close pals. She continued to share pictures of get-togethers happening in the past few days on her social media handle.  

One of her Followers made an objectionable post while responding on a photograph shared by the Former Miss India, 'Namrata, Why don't you put some make-up. Are you suffering with any fibia or depression'.  

And then, Namrata didn't mind offering a befitting reply: 'You might love women with make-up.. maybe you should follow someone who is always made up and suits your criteria! You aren't going to find it on this page!! So maybe you should get off it.. sincere request'.  

Actually, Mahesh Babu and Namrata are poles apart. While Mahesh is as cool as a cucumber, Namrata doesn't mind hitting back at those who mess with her. The manner in which she shot back makes the trollers use their words wisely while dealing with her.
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