Natti Kumar Sensational Comments On Actor Nikhil

Natti Kumar Sensational Comments On Actor Nikhil

'Mudra,Nikhil Siddharth,Natti Kumar produced

'Mudra' starring Nikhil Siddharth and Lavanya Tripati is on the sets since few months. Makers received a rude shock upon realising that another film with the same title released on January 25th. What's shocking is the fact that it's been promoted as the film starring Nikhil with posters on Ticket Booking Apps and also at Theatres. Nikhil has been complaining about the cheat tactics since few days.

A short while ago, Producer Natti Kumar held a press conference over this issue. He claimed 'Mudra' title was allotted to him by the Film Chamber. He also challenged, 'I am ready for an open debate in any TV Studio or even at Nikhil's house. He must prove that the title belongs to him or else should quit films completely'.

Natti Kumar questioned how could Nikhil appeal to people that nobody should watch his movie. The Producer threatened to expose Nikhil if he doesn't issue an apology by Monday. 'We are calling for an emergency meeting. Nikhil's Film has to be stopped until the issue gets resolved,' he demanded.

Natti Kumar produced Jagapathi Babu-starrer 'Mudra' under the direction of Quety Entertainments Banner. The logo design was similar to Nikhil's Flick and even his photo was misused to promote the movie. Netizens booked tickets assuming it could the film starring Nikhil. That is when the Young Hero issued a clarification that his movie isn't releasing this week and it's a cheap tactic.

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