NBK 105 New Posters

NBK 105 New Posters

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Balakrishna 105 Movie Posters, NBK 105 New Posters, NBK 105 Latest Posters, NBK105Posters, NBK 105 Movie Stills, NBK 105 Wallpapers, NBK 105 Photo Stills, NBK 105 Working Stills, NBK 105 Title
Balakrishna is sporting Tony Stark look in his upcoming movie directed by KS Ravi Kumar.

Besides wearing suits and blazers, Balakrishna is also sporting Tony Stark goatee as one of his two looks in the film.

Despite the stylish avatar, first look still from the film is typical Balakrishna stuff with him holding a blood soaked knife and colors sprinkled all over him.

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