New Rules For Telugu Film Titles

New Rules For Telugu Film Titles

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Recently, makers of Natural Star Nani’s Gang Leader had to change their film’s title to Nani’s Gang Leader as not to avoid legal hitch. This was not the first time the Telugu film titles have landed in controversies.

Whenever there was an issue of copyright, filmmakers opted to add hero’s names to titles. For example Super Star Mahesh Babu’s Khaleja was changed to Mahesh Khaleja and Kalyan Ram’s Kathi was changed to Kalyan Ram Kathi.

Now, rules and regulations in registering Telugu Titles have been changed. As per the new rule, no suffix or prefix should be added to titles. The titles will be granted as per sounding and meaning.

Plurals are also not allowed. For example if a title is registered with the name Girl, the title Girls will not be allotted. However, these rules are not applicable for universal titles such as Love, College, God names etc.

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