Payal Rajput Discusses Intimate Scenes With Mom

Payal Rajput Discusses Intimate Scenes With Mom

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Payal Rajput Bold Scenes, Payal Rajput  Intimate Scenes, Payal Rajput RDX Love, RDX Love movie scenes, RDX Love movie review, RDX Love cinema review
Generally, girls even though ultra modern they may be, have their own reservations when it comes to discussing everything openly with their parents, friends and family members.

However, pretty Punjabi Kudi Payal Rajput who gave sleepless nights with her red hot bold explosion on debut in Tollywood with RX 100, made a shocking revelation.

Payal who is scorching hot in special songs is set to attract movie lovers with her upcoming entertainer RDX Love which is releasing on 11th Oct.

Payal making the revelation said, “I have the habit of sharing all related to films with my mother. Whether you believe it or not, even now I share everything in the script after I read it out. I tell her the number of romantic scenes, lip-lock scenes, and intimate scenes. Mom advises me to do those scenes if I am comfortable."

Payal, however, added, “Though I did the bold roles after getting fascinated with them I feel embarrassed to watch them on-screen with my parents. Even they may feel the same but they do not say the same to me. I wish to see my RDX love along with my parents. They are aware of the intimate scenes in the film".
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