Producer's Shocking Allegations On Sunny Leone

Producer's Shocking Allegations On Sunny Leone

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Bharat Patel is a popular producer in Bollywood. He has made some shocking allegations on Sunny Leone which is now becoming a hot topic in the industry.

The producer has stated that Sunny Leone has cheated him by not returning his 5 lakhs. It seems like the pornstar turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has signed an item number in his film titled as 'Patel ki Punjabi Shaadi' and she also took 5 lakhs advance out of a total remuneration 40 lakhs which she agreed for.

She took the advance after confirming the dates. But the actress neither did the item number nor returned the advance she took. On the other hand, Sunny Leone has a different story to tell. As per her side of the story, she says that the makers didn't use her dates properly and they went back and forth on deciding the shooting day and she couldn't do it as she has already given those days to other projects.

Currently, the case is still in the court and both the makers as well as Sunny Leone are waiting for the verdict. Let's see what happens..
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