RDX Love Movie Review

RDX Love Movie Review

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RDX Love Movie Review, RDX Love Review, RDX Love Rating, RDX Love Public Talk, RDX Love Movie Review and Rating, RDX Love Movie Watch Online, Dwonalod RDX Love Movie, RDX Love Movie Download in Torrent
Release Date : October 11, 2019
Starring : Payal Rajput, Tejus Kancherla, Naresh, Aamani, Adithya Menon, Mumaith Khan
Director : Shankar Bhanu
Producers : C. Kalyan
Music Director : Radhan
Rating : 2/5

RDX Love is made with the sole purpose of cashing in on Payal Rajput's craze and image post RX 100's success. A sincere attempt is made at writing a plot for RDX Love, but it is just an excuse to have as many titillating scenes as they can besides Payal's skin show.

Story :

The film is all about a girl named Alivelu(Payal Rajput) who promotes government welfare schemes just to get an appointment with the chief minister of the state. For this, she uses the hero(Tejas) and gets a meeting arranged with the CM. Who is this Alivelu? Why does she want to meet the CM? and what is her goal? To know the answers, you need to watch the film on the big screen.


Payal Rajput tries her best to prove her capabilities as an actor, but she does a mediocre job at it. However, her main job is to look glamorous and to provide eye candy. Payal does that all through the film no matter the situation demands it or not. Tejus's role is to drool over Payal's beauty from the word go. Aditya Menon overacts to the core. Mumaith Khan looks ridiculous as a bad cop. Naresh and Aamani played supporting roles.

Plus Points:

Payal's glamour

Minus Points:

Everything else

Technical Aspects :

Production values of the film are top-notch as the camera work showcases the village atmosphere in a really good manner. Music by Radhan is decent and so was the background score. The lyrics for the songs were okay and the production design was really impressive. As said earlier, editing is a disaster as at least half an hour could have been chopped off. Payal Rajput has been styled well.

Coming to the director Shankar Bhanu, his plot is pretty good but his narration was wayward. He had so many unnecessary scenes and diluted the plot. If he would have added some sensible romance and removed those over the top silly scenes featuring safe sex and Guhkta banning scenes, things would have made a lot of sense. The film had a decent potential it would have been narrated in a simplified manner. Too much chaos creates a problem for the audience.

Verdict :

On the whole, RDX Love has a good concept which is diluted by some wayward narration. Don’t get fooled by the teasers as the film is no romantic drama and has some serious issues being showcased. So, go well prepared for this film which ends as a below-par watch this weekend.

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