RGV's New Film Is Shot Three Years Ago?

RGV's New Film Is Shot Three Years Ago?

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Director Ram Gopal Varma is best known for his promotions, though many have already come to the conclusion that except that hype there will be nothing inside his films. And now, he's extensively promoting his latest movie "Beautiful" as an ode to Rangeela, but there seems to be a stunning flashback behind this movie.

Back in 2016, after roping model Naina Ganguly for a role in 'Vangaveeti' movie, we hear that RGV got fascinated by her charms and made his associate Agasthya Manju direct this Rangeela-rehash with her. But then, as the final result is pretty unbearable, he has shelved the film during post-production stages. A source revealed that Varma has now brought back the same film after 3 years and releasing it. Why so?

Actually, after Lakshmi's NTR, the name Agasthya Manju got some popularity as an associate who co-directed the movie. Using that hype, Varma is bringing back this Rangeela rehash as 'Beautiful', solely depending on Naina Ganguly's glamour treat, say insiders.

Well, there are many times we have seen trailers of movies/web series like Kadapa and Guns n things from Varma, but none of them has got released. Let's see what happens to this 'beautiful' masala now!
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