Shocking Cut In Comedy King's Remuneration

Until a couple of years ago, senior comedian Brahmanandam was hailed as the King of Comedy. There was literally no film which released without featuring Brahmanandam at least for a scene or two. Brahmanandam used to charge anywhere between 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs per call sheet, depending on the film's budget and the production house.

But things have now changed quite drastically. Brahmi is no longer the comedy king of Tollywood. He is being replaced by many popular and upcoming comedians, which in turn had resulted in a severe dearth of roles for Brahmi.

As a result, Brahmi's remuneration has undergone a shocking cut. Apparently, the veteran comedian is now charging a meagre Rs 50,000 per call sheet. However, it is not entirely Bramhanandam's fault.

Top directors and writers have failed to come up with imaginative scenes and rib-tickling dialogues that match the legendary comedian's calibre and kept on force-feeding audiences with the routine, lackluster comedy. Fans of this star comedian are still hoping that Brahmi will regain his lost glory and enthrall them with his trademark humourous antics and hilarious dialogue delivery.

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