Shruti Haasan Shares How Alcohol Effected Her!

Shruti Haasan Shares How Alcohol Effected Her!

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It is rare to see a lady popular figure or an actress to accept that they drink alcohol. The time has changed and people are okay to talk about their problems in the open.

Shruthi Hassan in a chat show with Lakshmi Manchu admitted that she used to drink much and enjoy Whiskey more. But she gave up alcohol as she had health issues due to it.

She also shared that she took treatment for the addiction as well. She did not shy away from saying that she broke-up recently, but did not reveal name.

She explained the reason for break-up saying that she couldn't bear someone trying to dominate her and take advantage of her being sentimental.

She shared that her one year break from movies is not due to love affair or health issues. She said that she couldn't continue doing similar roles and hence took a break from films.

She also commented that she is unaffected by comments of others but she does give importance to constructive criticism and always look to learn new things like her father, Kamal Hassan.
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