Who Is More Fan Pleasing - Ileana, Shriya Or Anushka?

Who Is More Fan Pleasing - Ileana, Shriya Or Anushka?


As the new millennium arrived from 2000, we saw new actresses from different parts of our country, enter Tollywood. Shriya being the first, we then saw Trisha, Anushka, Ileana, Tamannah, Kajal and Samantha all before 2010.

Sadly, actresses who entered after 2010 like Rakul Preet Singh, Keerthy Suresh don't seem to have the longevity of the earlier mentioned actresses. Many others who made noise for one or two films are even in the picture now.

Pooja and Rashmika have just started out. They still haven't reached their peak as Rakul and Keerthy did. Mahanati can be called Keerthy Suresh's peak as regular commercial films are not really able to give her such good characters to make an impression.

Well, when it comes to these actresses sharing their personal life, Rakul is highly open, Keerthy, Pooja, Rashmika are selectively open about their lives.

Even Kajal, Samantha, Trisha are open about major aspects of their personal lives. But Anushka, Ileana and Shriya are completely different to all of them.

Anushka doesn't have many social media accounts or she isn't active on them. Ileana is very selective and she even said that she shares only how much she is comfortable with.

Shriya Saran said that she won't share anything too personal to her like about her husband in a rude tone.

So, a question arises in this social media dominated world, who is more fan pleasing and friendly? Anushka is the sweetest person out there but she likes to be more private. Ileana very politely said that she doesn't want to share too much.

Shriya on our face said that her personal life shouldn't be news. Tell us who is more fan friendly, out of them! Even though their personal lives and their choice to talk to them cannot be questioned, we can just have an idea on what today's generation think about these stunning beauties based on this!
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