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Agnyaathavaasi Deal Is Not Settled Yet

Agnyaathavaasi Deal Is Not Settled Yet
It seems that the allegations on Pawan Kalyan's latest release Agnyaathavaasi are not settled yet. Ever since the movie was during shooting, the rumours came out that the story is a copy of a French film Largo Winch. After the movie release, the fans realised that even though the story is not entirely same, Trivikram took some important scenes from the movie and re-wrote them by changing the theme.

However, no one expected that the whole issue will turn out into a controversy. But, as the original French movie Largo Winch director Jerome Salle entered the scene things changed. He started tweeting about the movie even before the release. He indirectly declared that he is ready to take a legal action on the movie makers. On the other hand, T Series which owned the remake rights of the movie met with Agnyaathavaasi makers had a settlement but it seems like the director of the original version Jerome is also looking for a settlement.

Agnathavasi makers tried to settle the issue by stating that even if one company bought the rights it can be released worldwide, but Jerome is not accepting the deal and is preparing seriously to take action legally.  There were also some speculations regarding the deal Agnyaathavaasi makers made with the T Series company. The official details are yet to be known.

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