This actress and her celebrity BF have been fighting like crazy over FaceTime!

This top heroine seems to be having trouble in her personal space yet again. The lady in question was on an outdoor shoot not so long ago and we hear that the unit-wallahs had quite a few horror stories to share about the leggy lassie. Apparently the heroine and her celebrity boyfriend would FaceTime and break into arguments. The actress had chosen a private corner, a room where she could update her possessive BF about her work and other details. However it seems that their fights were so fierce that it would be audible even to those who were waiting out for our madam to resume shoot. Apparently their arguments were so hot that even those who weren’t eavesdropping on her private conversations knew that she was having a massive fight with her lover. The actress is on top of her game right now and hates it when anybody deviates from her professional life and touches upon her personal affairs. Her famous boyfriend we hear cannot wait to make their relationship official. The guy in question is extremely protective and insecure. So much that he literally keeps a tab on her every move especially when she’s on outdoors with other stars.

The couple has battled several issues in the past. Buzz was that while the actress wants to focus on her career right now her beau wants to tie the knot. The actress is in no mood to get hitched and what’s worse is that the lady is not very happy with her partner’s over interfering ways, she even regrets her recent reconciliation some say. No wonder that after calling the truce the duo is back to fighting like cats. Looks like there is clearly a different viewpoint that the two have about relationships. Will this relationship survive the test of times? Well, we’ll have to wait and watch. For now you tell us if you’ve guessed the stars? If yes, post your thoughts in the comments box below…

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