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This is shocking. Dileep was married to another woman before Manju Warrier?

This is shocking. Dileep was married to another woman before Manju Warrier?
In a shocking twist in the Malayalam actress abduction case, it is now being reported that actress Manju Warrier was not Dileep's first wife. According to a report published in Manorama Online, Dileep had married his relative from Aluva before his marriage to Manju Warrier.

The police team investigating the assault and abduction case reportedly revealed that Dileep married his distant relative from Aluva at a registrar office. The marriage took place before Dileep's debut film in 1990. Police suspect that Dileep did not separate from her officially. The woman in question is reportedly living in the Gulf now.

It must be noted that Dileep and Manju Warrier tied the knot on October 20, 1998. Dileep shot to superstardom after his wedding to Manju Warrier.

However, things took a turn for the worse for Dileep following rumours about his affair with actress Kavya Madhavan. Kavya and Dileep, a popular jodi in Mollywood, have given back-to-back hits.

Dileep was arrested on charges of criminal conspiracy last month, in connection with the Malayalam actress abduction case. Reports also said that the animosity between Dileep and the actress who was abducted stems from the fact that she warned Manju Warrier about Dileep's affair with Kavya Madhavan.

Consequently, Dileep and Manju Warrier called off their marriage in 2015. Dileep and Manju have a daughter, Meenakshi. Last year, Dileep tied the knot with Kavya Madhavan.

On Wednesday, Manju Warrier's brother Madhu Warrier was questioned by the Kerala police in the abduction case. Madhu was asked about Dileep's character and his marriage to Manju Warrier.

Earlier in February, the popular actress was abducted and molested by a gang of six men, headed by main accused Pulsar Suni.

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