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Masala Telugu Movie Review

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Title : Masala
Timesofap Rating: 3/5
Star Cast : Venkatesh, Ram, Anjali, Shazahn Padamsee
Director : K.Vijaya Bhaskar
Producer : Sravanti Ravikishore , Suresh Babu
Music :Thaman S
Release Date : Nov 14, 2013.

Venkatesh, Ram have teamed for the first time for this multistarrer movie Masala which is the remake of Bol Bachchan that was a blockbuster hit in Bollywood. Anjali and Shazahn Padamsee are the female leads in the movie.


Rehman (Ram) lives in Hyderabad with his sister Sania (Anjali). They loose their ancestral property in a civil case. MS Narayana, a well wisher and family friend advices and convinces them to move to his place Bheemarajavaram where he assures Rehaman a job under his boss Balaram (venkatesh), who is a kind -hearted  man yet powerful. At certain point, Rehaman tends to lie that there is brother for him too. Rest deals with how he manages dual life by using tricks.


Venkatesh is the power house of ‘Masala’ tickling the fun bone with butler English. In action scenes, both Venky and Ram gelled well. Ram has got a character with two shades. One of honest and humble employee Ram and other one is a gay Rahman.

He showed a visible contrast handling the both to match his energy levels. Anjali was as usual cute and homely. Shazahn Padamsee is disfigured and does not get a meaty role.

JP’s timing was ‘Horribly’ Superb as a side kick to Venky. Kovai Sarala was over reactive. Into the rest of artists like MS, Ali, Suman Shetty, Posani etc did well.

Technical Departments:

The director has come up with a remake storyline and while the presentation was good, the narrative was engaging in parts. The dialogues were filled with nativity, the script was interesting but the screenplay could have been tight. Background score was not that good and songs were just okay.

Cinematography was superb. Editing was required in few places. Costumes were rustic and trendy while the art department was colorful. Venkatesh was the life and soul for the film, he was excellent. Ram underplayed his role and could not take advantage. Anjali was not used to her potential. Shahzahn Padamsee was not impressive. Jayaprakash Reddy was hilarious. Ali was superb. M S Narayana was moderate. Posani did his bit as required. Others didn’t have much to do.

Plus Points:

Venkatesh and Ram performance
Good Gags

Minus Points:

No proper plot
Poor VFX


Ram & Anjali are siblings.Ram(Rahman is the screen name) joins under Venky(Balaram) for some work.Venky is a land lord.Ali is the son of M.S.Narayana. Ali and Ram are friends.Basically, Ram is a Muslim.But he will be protrayed as a hindu.The story runs in a complete comic oriented way from there.Posani Murali Krishna is the Bava of Venky.He wants to marry Venky’s sister(Shazahn Padamsee).

Somewhere,in the middle of the story,a situation comes such that,Ram and Ali were supposed to create a mother character and a brother character to Ram.Kovai Sarala a club dancer will be approached to play that mother role.

One day Ram goes to a Masjid.VENKY and his assistant(Jayaprakash) sees him.To cover it, Ram says he has a brother.It makes him to play a dual role.The brother character is a gay role.Eventually,Ram falls in love with Venky’s sister(Shazahn Padamsee).How will the truth get revealed to Venky? How will Venky react to that situation is the rest of the story.

Final Word:

Overall,an okay film.Nice enjoyable movie.As comedy plays a major role especially for Telugu audience,this film will get pass marks.It will run with good openings and may continue to certain extent until another big movie comes for competition. Masala is a worth watchin for all the comedy lovers.

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